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  • Who Are We?

    Lambda Phi Epsilon was first established here at UCLA in 1981. Since then, we have expanded across the country to become the first and only nationally recognized Asian interest fraternity. With 50 chapters, our fraternity has a strong presence throughout the United States and Canada. And while the brothers are diverse in culture and creed, we all share our bond in promoting Asian awareness, teaching leadership skills, maintaining our traditions, and exemplifying brotherhood.

    Our Mission

    We, the members of Lambda Phi Epsilon National Fraternity, strive to promote Asian-American awareness by helping philanthropic causes, educating the community, and preserving Asian-American culture.

    Since its inception, Lambda Phi Epsilon has maintained the highest standards of Academic Performance, Social Experience, Community Service, and most importantly, Brotherhood among its members.

    Eternal Brotherhood

    Why join Lambda Phi Epsilon when there are numerous other Asian organizations on campus? By joining, you will enter a brotherhood that is rich in tradition and strong in its bonds. The brotherhood that a fraternity offers forms friendships that last a lifetime. Brothers of both Asian and non-Asian descent have said that the reason they rushed Lambda Phi Epsilon was because they could see and feel the closeness of brotherhood that other fraternities did not portray, and wanted to play a part in it as well.

Our History

On February 25, 1981, Mr. Craig Ishigo and a group of eighteen dedicated men founded Lambda Phi Epsilon here at UCLA. Dissatisfied with the state of the Asian-Greek system, the founders led the way by inspiring Brotherhood within Lambda Phi Epsilon, which is now the largest Asian-American interest fraternity in the country.

Since its founding, Lambda Phi Epsilon has spread like wildfire to schools around the nation. Within ten years, chapters were established at all of the UC's and most of the CSU campuses. By 1990, Lambda Phi Epsilon was officially recognized as a national organization by the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) and since then, the fraternity has continued to grow and inspire the same ideals that all the brothers from around the country live by.

And Our Legacy

The encompassing motto of our fraternity is "To Be Leaders Among Men." We not only seek to bring together a diverse group of men who share interests, concerns, backgrounds and cultures, but those who show the confidence of a leader.

Grounded on the principles of wisdom, honor, and courage, our actives continue to teach young men the principles of leadership and strong moral character. Our alumni provide a way in which brothers may apply these beliefs and become true leaders of society. It is that unique life-long bond that makes Lambda Phi Epsilon the most respected and sought-after organization of its kind.


In 1996, Evan Chen, a brother from Stanford University, was diagnosed with leukemia. All of the chapters of Lambda Phi Epsilon worked together to find a compatible match for a bone marrow transfusion, a procedure that is possibly life-saving. Eventually, through the efforts of the fraternity, family, and friends, a match was found, but Evan unfortunately passed away before the surgery could be performed.

A3M Foundation

Through these circumstances, Lambda Phi Epsilon now works with the Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M) foundation for our national philanthropy. We continuously strive to help promote awareness for leukemia and other blood-related disorders as well as encouraging those of Asian descent to register for the bone marrow registry.

Asians only make up a very small minority of registered possible bone marrow donors. As a result, those patients in need of a transplant simply cannot find one, as finding a match is highly selective in ethnic descent. We believe it is our duty to spread information on this live-saving action and encourage everyone to register. More information can be found at the A3M website.

Our chapters holds bone marrow registry drives on campus several times annually and urges the UCLA student body to register and possibly save a life.

  • rush flyer for fall 2011

    Fall 2011 Rush Schedule

    The brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon will be hosting a series of events for you to get to know what the LARGEST and MOST DOMINANT Asian Interest fraternity is all about. All rush events are FREE and rides will be provided. Learn about our pillars Brotherhood, Academics, Philanthropy, Social Experiences, and Leadership. There are NO OBLIGATION to join, so come out, ask questions, and have a good time! To find out more information about Risk Management, and other FAQs, please refer to the Membership page. Or CLICK HERE.

    • week2

    9/18 Sunday 4:00 PM- House BBQ and Post BruinBash Celebration

    Meet the brothers for the first time as well as the beautiful ladies of USC Alpha Delta Kappa and UCR Rho Delta Chi over a FREE barbeque at our house before heading over to BruinBash. Then, come back after the concert for the first rush celebration of the year!

  • What is Rush?

    Rush is the time when greek organizations hold events in order to find potential new members, selected from a pool of rushees. Lambda Phi Epsilon is no exception. Everyone is invited to attend our events, which have been catered to you, the rushee, so that you are well informed about our brotherhood if you do receive a bid.

    What Is A Bid?

    A bid is an invitation to enter the pledge process and continue on the path of becoming a brother. Bids are given at the end of rush to rushees who the brothers feel would be a good fit to our fraternity. You are not obligated to accept a bid if given one; rush is completely non-committal.

    Should I Attend All Events?

    You are definitely encouraged to attend all rush events from beginning to end. Every event is designed with the rushee in mind. We will be there to answer any questions that you may have about the fraternity or the chapters. It is an opportunity for you to get to know the brothers better, and vice versa. Ask questions and just be yourself.

    What Type Of Person Are You Looking For?

    The diversity of our fraternity is due to the individual personalities that make up the house. However, our motto, "To Be Leaders Among Men", applies to each and every brother. We are looking for the leaders among the crowd, who will ultimately become the faces of our fraternity.

  • Am I Required To Pledge If I Attend Rush?

    No. Rush is simply an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and meet the brothers. So have fun, enjoy yourself, and allow us to show you what our brotherhood is about.

    Do I Have To Pay?

    No, all rush events are free. All costs are funded by Lambda Phi Epsilon. Rides to all events are provided as well.

    Do I Have To Be Asian To Join?

    No. There are many brothers in all different chapters of Lambda Phi Epsilon who are not Asian. Lambda Phi Epsilon stresses that it is an Asian INTEREST fraternity, which means that anyone who is interested in our goals, both Asian and non-Asian, are encouraged to join. If you feel that you have a strong understanding or wish to learn more about Asian awareness, Lambda Phi Epsilon can serve your purposes.

    Will Joining A Fraternity Impact My Schooling?

    You should definitely care about what you are about to join, but at the same time, do not forget why are at school. Be sure to find the right balance to have a rewarding college life both socially and academically. Remember, even the brothers are students first and foremost.

    Older brothers will be able to help you and offer you invaluable advice in getting through school. We also have test and textbook banks that will prepare you for your upcoming examinations. Fully utilizing these unique resources that Lambdas have to offer will definitely benefit your education at UCLA.

  • Thank you for coming out to our 2011 Lil Sis Class Rush!

  • Lambda Lil Sisses

    The Lambda Lil Sis program is designed to provide close-knit bonds of friendship to a select group of girls. Whether you're looking for a group of friends to go clubbing, to study, or just to hang out, Lambda Lil Sis gives you the opportunity to meet cool people, make lifelong friendships, and make the most out of your college experience. Our goal is not only for you to get to know us, but to bond with your fellow Lambda Lil Sisses as well, and come to consider them as your sisters.

    Why Lambda Lil Sis?

    As the First, Largest, and Only Nationally recognized Asian Interest Fraternity, you will get to enjoy many benefits as a Lambda Lil Sis such as traveling to many different Lambda chapters for various events, receiving hospitality and respect from other Lil Sisses and Brothers nationwide, greatly expanding your social network, and of course, joining us for our biggest event of the year, Convention!

    Through the Lambda Lil Sis program, you will build and maintain a meaningful relationship that will last throughout college, be exposed to an alternative social group and a family for support, and escape the cliques through many opportunities to attend off-campus events. Each Lil Sis will be paired up with a Big Bro, who will be their caretaker, mentor, brother and friend. For those who may have never had a sister or brother, this program was developed to help build those bonds of trust and family.

Cabinet of 2011-2012

Executive Board

PresidentDaniel Hui
Vice PresidentRon Ruangtragool
Fall Pledge DadEvan Pham
Winter Pledge DadAlexander Zeng
TreasurerTerry Nguyen
Rush ChairBryan Lee


Fundraising ChairDaniel Liu
Sponsor ChairJason Lam
Academics ChairAlbert Yang
Athletics ChairWenda Wang
House ChairWilson Zhao
SecretaryJimmy Ma
HistorianJohn Fujita
Alumni ChairAndy Liang
AGC RepresentativeRoy Pan
WebmasterSam Chuang

Alpha Tau

Fall 2007
  • Eric Chen
  • Khoa Ho
  • Johnny Huang
  • Arnold Lim
  • Evan Pham
  • Kalvin Tsui
  • Nan Yang

Alpha Upsilon

Winter 2008
  • William Guo
  • Huell Kim
  • Michael Lee
  • Travis Tran
  • James Vo

Alpha Phi

Fall 2008
  • Lawrence An
  • Benjamin Cheng
  • John Kim
  • Samuel Lee
  • Alex Xiao

Alpha Chi

Spring 2009
  • Eric Chang
  • Cheng Ly
  • Sean Pan
  • Man Wong
  • Albert Yang

Alpha Psi

Fall 2009
  • Sean Bonnell
  • Charles Choi
  • Daniel Hui
  • Wallis Luk
  • Ron Ron Ruangtragool
  • Webber Wang
  • Brian Yang
  • Alexander Zeng

Beta Alpha

Winter 2010
  • James Hau
  • Bryan Lee
  • Terry Nguyen

Beta Beta

Fall 2010
  • John Fujita
  • Jay Lee
  • Andy Liang
  • Daniel Liu
  • Duc Nguyen
  • Kevin Qi

Beta Gamma

Winter 2011
  • Sam Chuang
  • Sean Huang
  • Jason Lam
  • Jimmy Ma
  • Ben Nguyen
  • Roy Pan
  • Andrew Pang
  • George Tran
  • Wenda Wang
  • Justin Wei
  • Wilson Zhao
  • Founders

    Charter Class

    Hunter ChangNeil Miyazaki
    Randy FujimotoDarryl Mu
    John HanveyKelvin Sakai
    Craig IshigoKevin Shida
    Jeff KakuAlbert Sun
    Bobby KawaiWeyton Tam
    Dean KumagawaJamie Watanabe
    Jim LeeBennett Wong
    Bruce MauFred Wong
    Ted Mihara
  • Β

    Beta Class

    Rob GaanMatt Okui
    Hugo HigaDan Sakurai
    Josh HseihKeith Tanaka
    Gary KakudaAdrian Tang
    Ernie KhawChoi Tse
    Jim KimuraJoneth Uehima
    Barry LuSteve Wong
    Chuck MiyaharaKurt Yamamoto
    Matt Okui
  • Γ

    Gamma Class

    Mike BallueMike Madokora
    Mike CheongDuane Oshita
    Dean HanaokaTim Saito
    Paul HattoriRaymond Sakihara
    Kenny HomDouglas Sam
    Steve KatsukaIon Warner
    John KagawaCedric Wong
    Doug KatoBrad Yamasaki
    Mel KhawMark Yokoi
    Brian KuwaharaJeff Yonemura
  • Δ

    Delta Class

    Henry ChenHans Lim
    Bill ChienQuon T. Louey
    John ChienMartin Louie
    Tony ChowTerry Ogura
    Kenton FongJeff Sakihara
    Peter FongTerry Shum
    Steve FungDennis Stein
    Stewart FurimizoAlwin Sun
    Wayne GinozaVictor Takayama
    Eric HayashiDavid Wang
    Tyrone HungTom Wu
    Greg KuboErnest Yamamoto
  • Ε

    Epsilon Class

    Yochan BabaDarren Nakano
    John ChanTod Nakatsuka
    William ChanJohn Okamoto
    Clark ChengDanny Pacio
    Dickson ChenShin Seto
    Eugene ChiangJohn Shigekawa
    Andy FukodomeCraig Suen
    Danny HongKeith Tang
    Robert KasamatsuEddie Tong
    Neil KoJohn Tong
    Momoo KurasakaDario Wong
    Leland LaiHarry Yip
    Steve LinMichael Lui
    Myles Morimoto
  • Ζ

    Zeta Class

    Andrew AmamotoJerry Lee
    Jeffrey ChangGary Lew
    Chris ChengQuon Louey
    Daniel DjangClifford Miyata
    Brian FujimoriSteven Niwa
    Eric FujiwaraRobert Sakai
    Craig HirotaGifford Saneto
    Jung HyunKenny Takata
    Morris Ko
  • Η

    Eta Class

    • Howard Cabalfin
    • Johnny Chen
    • James Kawaguchi
    • Christian Kim
    • Dave Kitagawa
    • Daniel Kuriyama
    • Bruce Kuwano
    • Steve Moriyasu
    • Greg Nishimura
    • Mike Oku
    • Thomas Ryu
    • Cyn Yamashiro
    • Dave Yang
    • Craig Yokoi
  • Θ

    Theta Class

    Roy AbacanJohn Kawaharada
    Eli ChangTom Kim
    Steve ChienRodney Okano
    Ty EmiBruce Paik
    Matthew EndoKent Setoguchi
    Bryan FongJon Sumida
    John FukumotoBrett Tanabe
    Randy HamamotoAndy Ujiie
    Kevin JoeSteve Wong
    Khar Kameda
  • Ι

    Iota Class

    Dave BangAndrew Lu
    Alan ChanLeander Manzano
    Min ChungEarl Navalta
    Stanley DuCharles Ro
    Rainier GuiangSean Sato
    Eugene HanGene Seto
    Rick KanazanaAkibo Shieh
    Dave KimNick Smart
    George Lee
  • Κ

    Kappa Class

    Michael ChanJay Lee
    Thomas ChungDavid Lin
    Peter HongBrett Nagatani
    Rex HseiHung Pham
    Roger HsuCraig Takiguchi
    Marc IbanezJon Vu
    Joseph KangEugene Wang
    Tony KimWai Wong
    Bryan KimuraJohn Yim
    Alan Kwan
  • Λ

    Lambda Class

    Truc BuiEric Kim
    Lyall ChunJohn La
    Romeo Decastro Jr.Brian Leung
    John Paul DejesusHerman Leung
    Hiroshi IshikawaJose Mendoza
    Makoto JitodaiJay Rhee
    Charles KimDave Shin
    Edward KimDave Wong
  • Μ

    Mu Class

    • Le Hua
    • Shaun Lee
    • Danny Lin
    • Garrett Park
    • Mike Wu
    • William Wu
  • Ν

    Nu Class

    Fall 1992
    • Jesse Chang
    • John Gomez
    • Jui-lin Hung
    • Harvey Jang
    • Gray Jeng
    • David Kao
    • Johnny Kim
    • Blue Kusaka
    • Geoffrey Lee
    • Dawson Li
    • Sean Lin
    • Calvin Liu
    • Leon Soo
    • Tu-son Thinh
  • Ξ

    Xi Class

    Winter 1993
    • Justin Abo
    • Patrick Balucan
    • Long Cao
    • George Chu
    • David Hao
    • Johnny Wang
  • Ο

    Omicron Class

    Fall 1993
    Masataka HayashiDavid Sheen
    Sun HwangJames So
    Minevson JhangJames Ting
    Paul KangDuke Tung
    Andy KauTony Tung
    Casey LauDavid Wang
    Jim LiawWilliam Wong
    Dan LinWen-hao Yeh
    Tony Mew
  • Π

    Pi Class

    Winter 1994
    • Mike Chao
    • Henry Fu
    • Jae Jung
    • Dan Uyemura
    • John Yun
  • Ρ

    Rho Class

    • Jimmy Hu
    • Vien Le
    • Mike Su
    • Thang To
    • Jack Tsai
    • Ken Whang
  • Σ

    Sigma Class

    Fall 1995
    • Rawlins Apilado
    • Peter Huang
    • John Hsu
    • Jason Kim
    • Tracy Kimura
    • Andy Lee
    • Willie Liu
    • Eric Ly
    • George Wang
    • Nathaniel Yoo
  • Τ

    Tau Class

    Winter 1996
    • Jack Chen
    • Andrew Huang
    • Bernie Kuh
    • Mike Kwan
    • Keith Lickitwongse
    • Alan Luu
    • Daichi Nakagawa
    • Will Tanaka
  • Υ

    Upsilon Class

    Fall 1996
    • Shien Chang
    • Scott Chen
    • Stephen Chen
    • Ray Kim
    • Warren Kwong
    • Anthony Lau
    • David Lu
    • Eugene Min
    • Bryan Phung
    • Justin Saka
    • Allen Theerasatiankul
    • Charlie Tran
    • Andy Wei
    • Mike Whang
  • Φ

    Phi Class

    Winter 1997
    • Tim Wong
    • Jimmy Yu
  • Χ

    Chi Class

    Fall 1997
    • Brian Aung
    • Howard Kung
    • Van Senh Lam
    • Steve So
    • Jerome Yuan
  • Ψ

    Psi Class

    Winter 1998
    • Mike Chu
    • Robert Mai
  • ΑΑ

    Alpha Alpha Class

    Fall 1998
    • Mike Cheng
    • Scott Chung
    • Joon-hee Lee
    • Tom Hong
    • Charles Hung
    • George Lerdsuwanrut
    • Tuan Ngo
    • Kenzo Otsuji
    • Jon Panganiban
    • Dennis Sanchez
    • Brad Wing
  • ΑΒ

    Alpha Beta Class

    Winter 1999
    • Philip An
    • Erick Bounlom
    • David Chen
    • Eric Chu
    • Cann Hoe
    • Donnie Hyon
    • Chris Jen Kin
    • Lee Pham
    • Sze Tam
    • Brian Wong
    • Alan Young
  • ΑΓ

    Alpha Gamma Class

    Fall 1999
    • Jerry Chen
    • Hiram Cho
    • Kenn Hinoki
    • Frank Ngo
    • Richard Tran
  • ΑΔ

    Alpha Delta Class

    Winter 2000
    • Paul Jin
    • Frank Zhang
  • ΑΕ

    Alpha Epsilon Class

    Fall 2000
    • Barry Chen
    • Jason Lai
    • Anthony Le
    • David Lee
    • Chris Lim
    • Mike Liou
    • David Lu
    • Chung Ka Shaaw
    • Kevin Vu
    • Lih-Wern Wang
    • Jason Yeh
  • ΑΖ

    Alpha Zeta Class

    Spring 2001
    • Vinh Lam
    • William Lee
    • Dwight Nakamitsu
    • Huy Nghiem
    • John Nguyen
    • Andrew Shi
    • Sam Yoo
  • ΑΗ

    Alpha Eta Class

    Fall 2001
    • Thu Kha Aung
    • Peter Liu
    • Kiet Tran
  • ΑΘ

    Alpha Theta Class

    Winter 2002
    • Tuan Pham
    • Irving Tsai
    • Chuu-Lin Wong
    • Terry Yeung
  • ΑΙ

    Alpha Iota Class

    Fall 2002
    • Dragon Do
    • Lance Huang
    • Song Huang
    • James Park
    • Wilson Vong
    • Tommy Vu
    • Sun Yoo
  • ΑΚ

    Alpha Kappa Class

    Winter 2003
    • Stephen Chun
    • Charles Lee
    • David Lee
    • Izumi Wong-Horiuchi
    • Sean Yee
  • ΑΛ

    Alpha Lambda Class

    Fall 2003
    • Christopher Chan
    • Roger Jeon
    • Daniel Liu
    • Kaiwa Hawkin Lui
    • James Ngo
    • Kevin Tung
    • Collin Wu
  • ΑΜ

    Alpha Mu Class

    Winter 2004
    • Joey Furutani
    • Carlson Li
    • Edward Soh
    • Samson Tam
    • Reno Thai
    • Eric Truong
    • Long Tsan
  • ΑΝ

    Alpha Nu Class

    Fall 2004
    • Darren Chan
    • Glen Kim
    • Michael Kim
    • Arthur Lee
    • Michael Li
    • Scott Ohara
    • Benjamin Pei
    • Keith Thai
    • Gary Tse
    • Jimmy Vu
    • Samuel Wu
  • ΑΞ

    Alpha Xi Class

    Winter 2005
    • Donald Chang
    • Quy Tran
  • ΑΟ

    Alpha Omicron Class

    Fall 2005
    • Zuriel Abrazado
    • Chau Duong
    • Charles Lee
    • Michael Li
    • Timothy Min
    • Daniel Moy
    • Tadashi Narumi
    • Jonathan Nieh
    • Kelly Tseng
    • John Yu
  • ΑΠ

    Alpha Pi Class

    Spring 2006
    • Marc Child
    • Phil Klug
    • William Quach
    • Tyler Stoehr
  • ΑΡ

    Alpha Rho Class

    Fall 2006
    • James Hsu
    • Max Nihei
    • George Pai
    • Jon Tse
    • Adrian Yun
  • ΑΣ

    Alpha Sigma Class

    Winter 2007
    • William Chang
    • Simon Cheong
    • Jackson Leung
    • Howard Lin
    • Shane Phayakapong
    • Richard Zhang
  • Mr. Jason Louie's 2010 Convention Keynote Speech

    Provided by CUNY Baruch, Alpha Nu chapters

  • What is ΛΦΕ Convention?

    With 50 chapters and international status, Lambda Phi Epsilon operates beyond the scope of individually run school organizations. Along with the existence of a National board comes the annual gathering of Lambdas - Convention. Every Memorial Day weekend, hundreds of brothers arrive from around the country to a predetermined location for the National general meeting. Convention is a time for business. Elections are held for the following year's National board and for potential new active chapters. Pertinent issues are discussed and resolutions are set. Many new acquaintances are made, and many others are renewed.

    However, it is not solely about serious matters. It is enthralling to meet new brothers from practically everywhere who share a common bond. A brotherhood showcase is held where chapters brothers and Lil Sisses compete with step routines. And of course, no gathering is complete without a club party. Our close relationship with our fellow international sister sorority, alpha Kappa Delta Phi, ensures that there will never be a lack of partying at our events.

    Convention is without question the most anticipated event of Lambda Phi Epsilon. For one weekend, brothers meet because of one unifying reason - their dedication to the fraternity. With this common ground, business is taken care of, and crazy nights are had.


  • - August 20th 2011 -

    Update: integrated Guestbook is now up and running.

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